Who We Are

The Genetic Engineering Policy Alliance is a network of organizations and individuals promoting precautionary policies on genetically engineered food and agriculture. The Alliance includes representation from agriculture, consumer, health, faith, labor, environmental, social justice and business sectors. We are united in our concern about the impacts of genetically engineered crops and foods on agriculture, the public, and the environment. See Alliance Members.

What we do:

The Genetic Engineering Policy Alliance works to…

  • Protect farmers from economic loss due to unwanted contamination from genetically engineered crops.
  • Promote the public’s right-to-know about the presence of genetically engineered crops in our food and agriculture.
  • Safeguard the environment and public health from damage due to exposure to genetically engineered crops and food.

We educate policymakers and the general public with our simple and concise four-point Genetic Engineering Policy Platform. The Policy Platform addresses some of the fundamental issues surrounding genetically engineered crops, and their risks to farmers and farm workers, the environment and public health. Using our Policy Platform as an education tool, we raise awareness of the need for sound policies on genetically engineered food and crops for the state of California. See Policy Platform

Why we do it:

California is the largest agricultural state in the United States growing over 350 specialty crops for both the domestic and international markets. California currently has no programs or policies in place related to genetic engineering in agriculture. Some of the GE Policy Alliance concerns are:

  • Markets around the world and in the U.S. do not want genetically engineered ingredients in their food.
  • Genetic contamination is inevitable.
  • Farmers are vulnerable to financial harms in the event of unwanted contamination of their crops.
  • The lack of labeling leaves consumers with limited choice about what they eat and feed their families.
  • Food crops genetically engineered with pharmaceutical and industrial traits exposes people to unacceptable public health risks.

Our Genetic Engineering Policy Platform provides the foundation for the development of statewide policies that will protect against the most dangerous GE crops, provide access to information so that farmers and consumers may make wise choices for themselves and their families, and provide recourse if unintended harms occur.