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Your organization or business can become a member of the Alliance simply by clicking on the Membership Form button to the left. Below we describe what is involved in joining the Alliance.

What Does It Mean to Become a Member of the Genetic Engineering Policy Alliance?

Alliance members join by signing the Policy Platform, indicating that you agree with many other organizations, businesses and individuals that support the principles outlined in the Platform.

How Will the Policy Platform Be Used?

The Policy Platform will serve as a resource to policymakers and the general public about the need for precautionary policies on GE in agriculture. Building a powerful and diverse alliance in support of the Policy Platform will help create the conditions needed to implement policy changes to protect farmers, consumers and the environment.

Will the Alliance be Advocating for State Legislation or Regulations ProtectingFarmers, Farm Workers, the Health of the Public, and the Environment?

The Alliance will not be lobbying or advocating for specific legislative bills, but rather providing expert information and resources to policymakers and the public about the types of policy protections needed for genetic engineering in agriculture. In the event specific legislation, regulations or policies on genetic engineering are advanced, all Alliance members will be informed. Support for specific legislation will not be assumed because you signed the Policy Platform.

If We Sign the Platform, Where Will Our Name Appear?

Signers to the Policy Platform will appear as members of the Alliance on its website, printed materials, educational packets for policymakers, and media kits. No additional statements will be made on your behalf without your express permission.

How Can Alliance Members Use the Policy Platform?

Those that join the Alliance by signing the Policy Platform can use the Platform and related background documents for educational purposes with the general public, media, and local or state policymakers.

Who Else Is Being Approached as a Signer to the Alliance’s Policy Platform?

Dozens of organizations, businesses and individuals throughout California are being invited to sign the Policy Platform and join the Genetic Engineering Policy Alliance, including food safety, environmental, farming, labor, faith, environmental justice, businesses, farms and others.

What Else Can Members Do To Help?

As a member of the Alliance, you will be invited but not required to communicate with policymakers regarding genetic engineering legislation, communicate with your members on the issue of genetic engineering policy, and speak to the media about related issues. Another way you can support this work is to make a donation to the GE Policy Alliance, mailed to the address below.