Policy Platform

The Genetic Engineering Policy Alliance Policy Platform

The Genetic Engineering Policy Alliance is a network of organizations and individuals promoting precautionary policies on genetically engineered food and agriculture.

The Alliance works to:

  • Protect farmers from economic loss due to unwanted contamination from genetically engineered crops.
  • Promote the public’s right-to-know about the presence of genetically engineered crops in our food and agriculture.
  • Safeguard the environment and public health from damage due to exposure to genetically engineered crops and food.

Personal Development Videos:

We inform California policymakers and the public of the need for policies that address:

  • Public notice – of all open-air plantings of genetically engineered crops through appropriate agencies.
  • Labeling – of all genetically engineered foods, seeds and plants.
  • Assignment of Liability – providing remedies for farmers and communities in the event of genetic contamination of crops, damage to the environment, or harm to the public.
  • Prohibition – of open-air food crops genetically engineered to produce pharmaceuticals or industrial chemicals.